Recovery of copper from zinc leaching liquor using ACORGA M5640

Deep, Akash and Kumar, Parveen and Carvalho, J.M.R. (2010) Recovery of copper from zinc leaching liquor using ACORGA M5640. Separation and Purification Technology, 76 (1). pp. 21-25.

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The present paper describes the solvent extraction and separation of Cu(II) from a leaching liquor obtained by the direct atmospheric leaching of a zinc concentrate with an oxidative mixture of Fe2(SO4)3 (0.4 M) and H2SO4 (0.5 M) in the presence of O2 at 353 K. The obtained solution, containing 1.35 g L−1 Cu(II), 5 mg L−1 In(III), 41 g L−1 Fe {20% Fe(III), 80% Fe(II)}, and 34 g L−1 Zn(II), was extracted with 25% (v/v) solution of ACORGA M5640 (modified with 12.5% (v/v) isodecanol). Quantitative (>98%) and selective transfer of Cu(II) in to the organic phase was achieved in pH range of 1.3–1.5 (A/O = 1). The presence of isodecanol in the extractant solution helped in obtaining complete stripping of copper. Three stages of extraction at an A/O ratio of 5 concentrated the initial metal content {Cu(II)initial-aqueous = 1.35 g L−1} in the organic phase {Cu(II)after extraction, in LO = 6.6 g L−1}. This extraction was selective over Zn(II), Fe(II), Fe(III), and In(III). The loaded organic phase was scrubbed with 20 g L−1 H2SO4 followed by the stripping of Cu(II) with 25 g L−1 of Cu2+ in 180 g L−1 of H2SO4 (A/O = 1, two stages).

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Liquid–liquid extraction; Copper; ACORGA M5640; Recovery
Subjects: CSIO > Nano Science and Nano Technology
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Date Deposited: 29 Jan 2012 20:40
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