Zn Based Metal Organic Framework as Adsorbent Material for Mecoprop

Bansal, P. and Bharadwaj, L.M. and Deep, Akash and Kaushik, P. (2013) Zn Based Metal Organic Framework as Adsorbent Material for Mecoprop. Research Journal of Recent Sciences, 2 (7). pp. 84-86. ISSN ISSN 2277-2502

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Metal organic framework, a new class of hybrid materials is now involved in a number of applications based on size and distribution pattern of its pores. Present research focus on Mecoprop adsorbent capacity of Basolite, a zinc based metal organic framework. Basolite (C8H12N4Zn) having a pore width 11.6Å and pore aperture 3.4Å has been used here for entrapping Mecoprop a commonly used pesticide which has very high mobility and a common contaminant for aquatic systems. Due to a very high surface area i.e 1300-1800 m2/gm of basolite and specific pore size it is found to be very efficient for adsorption purpose and another important property of Basolite is that it gets reactivated at 100oC so can be used again and again. Adsorption of pesticide by Basolite column was confirmed by UV Visible spectroscopy. The study revealed that Basolite adsorb Mecoprop due to entrapment of Mecoprop inside its pores. Basolite can be used for preparing filters on large scale for removing harmful pesticide from aquatic systems.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Metal organic frameworks, mecoprop, environment, water quality, filter
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