Force detection in real time machining process using machine condition monitoring system

Singh, Harichand and Verma, Sanjeev and Pabla, B.S. and Chattopadhyay, K.D. and Jassal, N.S. (2015) Force detection in real time machining process using machine condition monitoring system. International Journal Of Scientific Research, 4 (10). pp. 27-30. ISSN 2277 - 8179

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Cutting is a process of extensive stresses and plastic deformations. The high compressive and frictional contact stresses on the tool face result in a substantial cutting forces. Cutting forces are background for evaluation of necessary power required for machining and for dimensioning of machine tool components. They influence the deformation of the work piece, its dimensional accuracy, chips formation and machining system stability. The direct approach to study cutting forces in machining is very expensive and time consuming, especially when a wide range of parameters like tool geometry, material, cutting conditions, etc are included. The study presents an attempt to estimate the cutting forces during turning and facing in real time constraints using condition monitoring system for machine tool. The system is based on LabVIEW software, data acquisition system and strain gauges fixed on the cutting tool for measuring the cutting forces. Three levels of cutting parameters i.e. depth of cut, cutting speed and feed rate are chosen. The strain gauges measures the strain produced during machining and values are stored in the computer using data acquisition system. The system measures the experimental cutting forces by means of strain gauges fixed on cutting tool and developed calibration curve. The data obtained from the acquisition system was then compared with the calculated cutting forces values.

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