High Voltage Generation for Charging of Liquid Sprays in Air-Assisted Electrostatic Nozzle System

Patel, M.K. and Sahoo, H.K. and Ghanshyam, C. (2016) High Voltage Generation for Charging of Liquid Sprays in Air-Assisted Electrostatic Nozzle System. IETE Journal of Research, 62 (3). pp. 424-431. ISSN 0377-2063

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Electrostatic induction charging has proven itself as one of the best methods adopted in agricultural pesticides spraying. Pesticide droplets get charged while passing through a charging electrode which is connected to a high voltage along with the grounded liquid jet. Negatively charged droplets follow the electric lines of forces and get attracted towards the target which is at ground potential. In this paper, a compact size DC to DC converter is designed and developed to generate high voltage. The circuit consists of two sections, a DC to AC converter and an AC to DC converter, which can also be termed as an inverter and Cockcroft Walton multiplier. The converter utilized a 9.0 volt DC rechargeable battery to give a high voltage output. The converter has been used for spray charging in air-assisted electrostatic nozzle system placed inside the nozzle holder. The results were in good agreement with the theoretical concepts and practices. The designed power supply system showed the output stability at higher frequency range which has optimum ripple and voltage drop when applied with load.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Aerodynamics, Cockcroft Walton multiplier, Electrodynamics, Induction-charging, Ripple factor, Volume median diameter (VMD)
Subjects: CSIO > Agri - Instrumentation
Divisions: Agri - Instrumentation
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Date Deposited: 09 Aug 2018 11:55
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