Tunable unidirectional scattering of ellipsoidal single nanoparticle

Reena, and Kalra, Yogita and Kumar, Ajeet and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Tunable unidirectional scattering of ellipsoidal single nanoparticle. Journal of Applied Physics, 119 (24). p. 243102.

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We report unidirectional scattering by tri-axial single ellipsoidal dielectric nanoparticle, which is applicable in the design and development of tunable, low-loss and ultra-compact nanoantennas. Based on the orientation and rotation of the ellipsoidal nanoparticle, three types of modes, one longitudinal mode and two transverse modes, have been excited. Electric and magnetic dipoles have been optically induced in the nanoparticle. Generalized Kerker's conditions have been applied at the interference of optically induced electric and magnetic dipoles. Azimuthally symmetric forward scattering with complete suppression of backward scattering using first Generalized Kerker's condition has been achieved at three different wavelengths for the allowed longitudinal mode and transverse modes in the optical region using single ellipsoidal nanoparticle. Due to 3-fold symmetry, forward scattering can be tuned at different wavelengths, using single ellipsoidal nanoparticle just by changing the direction of the incident electric field.

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