Solving Fresnel equation for refractive index using reflected optical power obtained from Bessel beam interferometry

Gupta, Pooja and Pandey, Amit and Kaushal, Vairagi and Mondal, Samir K. Solving Fresnel equation for refractive index using reflected optical power obtained from Bessel beam interferometry. Review of Scientific Instruments, 90. 015110. ISSN ISSN: 0034-6748 (print); 1089-7623 (web)

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This work demonstrates an interferometric technique to estimate the reflected powers from dielectric interfaces and the reflection coefficient using the Fresnel equation for measurement of the refractive index (RI) of liquid samples. It uses low-coherence common-path optical interferometry that is commonly used for optical imaging. A uniquely designed optical fiber tip generating a high-quality non-diffractive Bessel beam probes liquid samples in a glass container non-invasively. The light reflected from different interfaces of the container is recollected by the same optical fiber tip. The reflected beams interfere with the reference beam generated at the fiber tip itself. This interference spectrum is further processed using fast-Fourier transform to measure reflected powers from the respective interfaces. The acquired powers are used to solve the Fresnel equation to find RI of liquid samples. As a proof of concept, experiments have been performed on several liquid samples including turbid media such as blood. This non-invasive interferometric technique could also be an ideal example confirming the Fresnel equation for reflection of light. Unlike other optical fiber-based RI sensors, this technique does not require temperature compensation. The method can be employed for inspection of the production process in terms of RI in pharmaceutical and chemical process plants, etc.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: interferometric technique; reflection coefficient; Bessel beam probes
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