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., Reena and Saini, T.S. and Kumar, Ajeet and Kalra, Yogita and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Rectangular-core large-mode-area photonic crystal fiber for high power applications: design and analysis. Applied Optics, 55 (15). pp. 4095-4100. ISSN 1559-128X


Ahn, Jeong-Hyeon and Kim , Ki-Hyun and Szulejko, J.E. and Deep , Akash (2016) Characterization of Quality Assurance Properties of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds with an Emphasis on the Breakthrough Behavior, Recovery, and Temporal Stability. Microchemical Journal, 125. pp. 142-150. ISSN 0026-265X


Baliyan, Anjli and Sital, lShivani and Sharma, l.K. and Gupta, Rani (2016) Long period fiber grating based sensor for the detection of triacylglycerides. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 79. pp. 693-700. ISSN 0956-5663

Bhatnagar, Deepika and Patil, S. and Singh, M.P. and Kaur, Inderpreet and Kumar, Ashok (2016) Recent Advances in Cardiac Troponin I Based Sensors for Detection of Human Heart Attack. Cellular and Molecular Biology , 62 (3). p. 1000142. ISSN 1165-158X


Chaudhary, Kumardeep and Kumar, Ritesh and Singh, Sandeep and Tuknait, Abhishek and Gautam, Ankur and Mathur, Deepika and Anand, Priya and Varshney, G.C. and Raghava, P.S. (2016) A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of Peptides. Scientific Reports, 6. 22843 . ISSN 2045-2322


Devi, Sarita and Singh, Bhupinder and Paul, A.K. and Tyagi, Sachin (2016) Highly sensitive and selective detection of trinitrotoluene using cysteine-capped gold nanoparticles. Analytical Methods , 8 (22). 4398-4405 . ISSN 1759-9660 (Print) 1759-9679 (Electronic)


Gupta, Abhishek and Kharbanda, O.P. and Sardana, Viren and Balachandran, Rajiv and Sardana, H.K. (2016) Accuracy of 3D cephalometric measurements based on an automatic knowledge-based landmark detection algorithm. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 11 (7). pp. 1297-1309. ISSN 1861-6410


Jain, Varsha and Sharma, Shubham and Saini, T.S. and Kumar, Ajeet and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Design and analysis of single-mode tellurite photonic crystal fibers for stimulated Brillouin scattering based slow-light generation. Applied Optics, 55 (25). pp. 6791-6796. ISSN 0003-6935

Jamatia, Purniya and Saini, T.S. and Kumar, Ajeet and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Design and analysis of a highly nonlinear composite photonic crystal fiber for supercontinuum generation: visible to mid-infrared. Applied Optics, 55 (24). pp. 6775-6781. ISSN 1559-128X


Karkra, Rashmi and Kumar, Prashant and Bansod, B.S. and Bagchi, Sudeshna and Sharma, Pooja and Krishna, C.R. (2016) Classification of heavy metal ions present in multi-frequency multi-electrode potable water data using evolutionary algorithm. Applied Water Science, 6 (22). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2190-5487 (Print) 2190-5495 (Online) (Submitted)

Kaur, Rajnish and Priya, Nidhi and Deep, Akash (2016) Improved performance of carbon nanotubes—manganese doped cadmium sulfide quantum dot nanocomposite based solar cell. Materials Research Express, 3 (1). 015501. ISSN 2053-1591

Kaur, Rajnish and Paul, A. K. and Deep, Akash (2016) Recent advances in the photovoltaic applications of coordination polymers and metal organic frameworks. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (11). 33991 -4002. ISSN 2050-7488

Kottath, Rahul and Poddar, Shashi and Das, Amitava and Kumar, Vipan (2016) Window based Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation for Navigational Framework. Aerospace Science and Technology, 50. pp. 88-95. ISSN 1270-9638

Kumar, Ajeet and Saini, T.S. and Naik, K.D. and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Large-mode-area single-polarization single-mode photonic crystal fiber: design and analysis. Applied Optics, 55 (19). pp. 4995-5000. ISSN 0003-6935

Kumar, Prashant and Thakur, P.K. and Bansod, B.K. and Debnath, S.K. (2016) Assessment of the effectiveness of DRASTIC in predicting the vulnerability of groundwater to contamination: a case study from Fatehgarh Sahib district in Punjab, India. Environmental Earth Sciences, 75. ISSN 1866-6280 (Print) 1866-6299 (Online)

Kumar, Praveen and Devi, Pooja and Kumar, Mahesh and Shivaprasad, S.M. (2016) Optimization of energy and fluence of N2+ ions in the conversion of Al2O3 surface into AlN at room temperature. Applied Surface Science, 361. pp. 265-268. ISSN 0169-4332

Kumar, Vanish and Mahajan, Rashmi and Bhatnagar, Deepika and Kaur, Inderpreet (2016) Nanofibers synthesis of ND:PANI composite by liquid/liquid interfacial polymerization and study on the effect of NDs on growth mechanism of nanofibers. European Polymer Journal, 83. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0014-3057


Laddi, Amit and Prakash, N.R. (2016) An augmented image gradients based supervised regression technique for iris center localization. Multimedia Tools and Applications. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1380-7501


Mahapatra, P.K. and Garg, Anu and Kumar , Amod (2016) Error Optimization of Machine Vision based Tool Movement using a Hybrid CLONALG and PSO Algorithm. International Journal of Applied Metaheuristic Computing (IJAMC), 7 (1). pp. 65-78. ISSN 1947-8283

Meena, V.K. and Kumar, Mohit and Pundir , Amit and Singh , Suman and Goni , Vijay and Kalra, Parveen and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Musculoskeletal based finite element analysis of femur after total hip replacement. Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 230 (6). pp. 533-560. ISSN 0954-4119


Patel, M.K. (2016) Technological improvements in electrostatic spraying and its impact to agriculture during the last decade and future research perspectives – A review. Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food, 9 (1). pp. 92-100.

Patel, M.K. (2016) Technological improvements in electrostatic spraying and its impact to agriculture during the last decade and future research perspectives – A review. Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food, 9 (1). pp. 92-100. ISSN 1881-8366

Patel, M.K. and Kundu, Monika and Sahoo, H.K. and Nayak, M.K. (2016) Enhanced performance of an air-assisted electrostatic nozzle: Role of electrode material and its dimensional considerations in spray charging. Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food, 9 (4). pp. 332-338. ISSN 1881-8366

Patel, M.K. and Sahoo, H.K and Nayak, M.K. and Ghanshyam, C. (2016) Plausibility of variable coverage high range spraying: Experimental studies of an externally air-assisted electrostatic nozzle. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 127. pp. 641-651. ISSN 0168-1699

Patel, M.K. and Sahoo, H.K. and Ghanshyam, C. (2016) High Voltage Generation for Charging of Liquid Sprays in Air-Assisted Electrostatic Nozzle System. IETE Journal of Research, 62 (3). pp. 424-431. ISSN 0377-2063


Ray, Rajeev and Kumar, Ashavani and Paul, A.K. and Tyagi, Sachin (2016) Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance of Chromium Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 69 (5). pp. 1043-1048. ISSN 0972-2815

Reena, and Kalra, Yogita and Kumar, Ajeet and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Tunable unidirectional scattering of ellipsoidal single nanoparticle. Journal of Applied Physics, 119 (24). p. 243102.


Saini, T.S. and Kumar, Ajeet and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Design and modelling of dispersion-engineered rib waveguide for ultra broadband mid-infrared supercontinuum generation. Journal of Modern Optics , 64 (2). pp. 143-149. ISSN 0950-0340

Sarma, Subhra S and Verma, Sonia and Kumar, Raj (2016) Holographic diffuser for multichannel restricted displays. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics , 54 (08). pp. 495-499. ISSN 0019-5596

Singh, Suman and Meena, V. K. and Mizaikoff,, B. and Singh, S. P. and Suri, C. R. (2016) Electrochemical sensing of nitro-aromatic explosive compounds using silver nanoparticles modified electrochips. Analytical Methods, 8 (39). 7158-7169 .

Singh, Suman and Tuteja, S.K. and Sillu, Devendra and Deep, Akash and Suri, C.R. (2016) Gold nanoparticles-reduced graphene oxide based electrochemical immunosensor for the cardiac biomarker myoglobin. Microchimica Acta, 183 (5). pp. 1729-1738. ISSN 0026-3672 (Print) 1436-5073 (Online)

Singh , R. and Baby , B. and Damodaran , N. and Srivastav , V. and Suri , A. and Banerjee , S. and Kumar , S. and Kalra , P. and Prasad , S. and Paul, K. and Anand , S. and Kumar , S. and Dhiman , V. and Ben-Israel , D. and Kapoor , K.S. (2016) Design and Validation of an Open-Source, Partial Task Trainer for Endonasal Neuro-Endoscopic Skills Development: Indian Experience. World Neurosurgery, 86. pp. 259-269. ISSN 1878-8750

Soni, Sanjeev and Sinha, R.K. (2016) Controlling Parameters for Plasmonic Photothermal Ablation of a Tumor. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 22 (4). p. 4600608. ISSN 1077-260X


Yadav, Shriniwas and Kaur, Inderpreet (2016) Low temperature processed graphene thin film transparent electrodes for supercapacitor applications. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 6 (82). pp. 787802-78713. ISSN 2046-2069

Yadav, Shriniwas and Kaur, Inderpreet (2016) Solution processed simple and scalable graphene patterning method for nanodevices application. Materials Research Express, 3 (2). p. 125011. ISSN 2053-1591

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